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A Comprehensive List of the Best COPD Inhalers Available Nowadays

A Comprehensive List of the Best COPD Inhalers Available Nowadays

Inhaler COPD is a mainstay of the treatment. However, it can be confusing to understand the difference between various inhalers.

Types of Inhalers for COPD

Inhalers COPD can contain one or multiple drugs in combination. An inhaler can be:

  • A bronchodilator
  • A corticosteroid
  • Different bronchodilator in combination
  • A combination of corticosteroid and bronchodilator

Presenting a list of different types of inhalers COPD that is available these days:


Advair is a combination of two drugs. One is salmeterol, which is a long-acting bronchodilator and the other is fluticasone, which is a corticosteroid. Advair is a maintenance treatment for this ailment.


It was initially meant to treat asthma. In the year 2009, it was then approved by the FDA to be used for the treatment of stable COPD as well. Symbicort contains budesonide, a corticosteroid, and formoterol, a long-acting bronchodilator.

Combivent Respimat

This medicine contains two bronchodilators. These are ipratropium (an anticholinergic) and albuterol (a beta-agonist). Such inhalers increase the bronchodilator effect of the drugs with fewer or same side-effects.


This medicine contains budesonide, a corticosteroid. Thus this helps to reduce inflammation in the airways which makes it easier for people to breathe. It is a maintenance medicine for COPD.


Spiriva is also a maintenance treatment for Chronic Inflammatory Lung Disease. Spiriva contains tiotropium, an anticholinergic bronchodilator which opens up the airways and relaxes them for easier breathing.


Proventil is a rescue inhaler which contains albuterol, a short-acting, beta-agonist bronchodilator. It offers immediate relief by relaxing the airways and making breathing easier. It is readily used for unexpected episodes of shortness of breath due to bronchospasm in both COPD and asthma patients.


This maintenance treatment contains ipratropium, an anticholinergic bronchodilator.


Brovana is an example of long-acting bronchodilator (a beta-agonist drug). It is used for COPD maintenance treatment for long-term. Take this twice daily. It does not treat asthma and cannot be used as a rescue inhaler as well.


Your doctor would most probably suggest one from the list COPD inhalers mentioned above. However, if you are not getting benefit from using the suggested inhaler, you ought to talk to your doctor immediately.

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