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Get Acquainted With All The Basic Information On Allergic Asthma

Get Acquainted With All The Basic Information On Allergic Asthma

Allergic asthma is common among people who have asthma. Nearly 90% of children who have asthma have allergic asthma, while 50% of asthmatic adults have allergic asthma. In allergic asthma, the symptoms of asthma go off usually due to coming in contact with the allergens. Breathing in pollens or dust particles are the common examples of allergens. But the asthmatic patient may be allergic to things other than these as well. Usually, tiny particles which can be breathed easily through the nose are allergens. Examples of allergens are mold spores and fragments, animal dander (from hair, skin, or feathers) and saliva, dust mite feces, mold spores, and fragments or cockroach feces.

One can take some necessary steps to prevent contact from anything allergic. These steps when taken will at least minimize the risk of getting asthma attacks due to allergens. One thing that can be kept in mind is to control the humidity of the house. If the humidity is found to be more than forty percent, dehumidifier or air conditioner must be used to bring down the moisture. Also, asthmatic patients should at least keep pets away from their bedrooms. In case they find out that they are allergic to pets, they must find out some other home for their pet. Keeping kitchen and bathroom clean and dry is another necessity for allergic asthmatic patients to prevent molds and cockroaches.

Even when a patient takes proper preventive, it is still important to take medications. Most of these medications can be taken only by prescription. Nasal allergy medications, saline rinses, and decongestant nasal sprays can be used. But these must not be used for more than a few days. In case these do not work, stronger antihistamines can be used. Even then if they don’t help, doctors may ask their patients to go for allergy shots.

If medicated treatments are not helping, the much-injected one, Xolair can be used. But all of these must be taken only at the advice and permission of the doctor, as different patients have different kinds of problems and they must be considered before starting treatment.

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