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Know More About Management and Treatment Below Knee DVT

Know More About Management and Treatment Below Knee DVT

The condition below knee DVT is known as Distal deep vein thrombosis. It is the clot that is present in the veins of the calf. The veins carry blood to the heart and when there is any blockage along the path in the blood vessels, then it causes a clot. When this happens in the calf it is termed as below knee DVT.

There can be a number of reasons behind this condition. The best way to go about managing it is by finding its root cause. This can help in the treatment and to ensure that there are no further instances of the same condition.

Management and Treatment of DVT

There are many ways in which the treatment for deep vein thrombosis below the knee can be handled. Here are three ways in which the condition can be monitored and controlled from causing any permanent harm:

  • The DVT condition can be very painful in some cases. The person will find strain and constant pain in moving the leg itself. The best way to manage it is to get graduated compression stockings. These are tight up till the perfect amount. It can be worn for a few hours every day to provide some relief.
  • While a number of people struggle in moving around with people and friends. It is best to stay relaxed for a few months. There are chances that the blood clot breaks off and travels to other parts of the body or worst of all the lungs. This can cause difficulty in breathing.
  • There is one other issue that has to be managed in the case of treatment for deep vein thrombosis below the knee. While one of the veins is blocked, the ones surrounding it have to take over its responsibilities. This can lead to swelling, change in skin coloration and clots.

The best treatment for this condition is the anticoagulation process. It is a method of thinning the blood and is extremely safe. This thins the blood and allows the knot to dissolve by itself. Depending on the size and the condition of the clot, different medicines for thinning the blood can be used.


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