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Benefits of the Leptin Diet for Weight Loss

Benefits of the Leptin Diet for Weight Loss

There are a large number and variety of diet loss regimens that have been researched and formulated by nutritionists across the world to suit the specific weight loss requirements of different people. One such dietary regimen is the leptin diet, which emphasizes the same principles as any other weight management technique such as reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, avoiding late-night meals, avoiding additives in foods and moderating portion size.

The role of leptin is primarily to signal to the brain when you are full. This function is impaired in obese individuals. Hence, the primary benefit of the leptin diet is to help the individual closely monitor and control hunger and satiation.

The leptin diet is not merely a new diet fad that is making the rounds. It centers around five cardinal rules:

  • Breakfast must comprise a mix of foods that give you at least 30 gms of proteins.
  • It is important to finish one’s last meal at least three hours before your bedtime.
  • The leptin diet permits three meals a day with an inter-meal gap of about 5 hours. Snacking between meals is to be avoided.
  • The leptin diet includes a limited consumption of carbohydrates with adequate consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  • Management of portion size is another key aspect of the leptin diet, so you have to be sensitive to stopping much before you begin to feel full.

As far as possible, when following the leptin diet, it is very important to read the ingredients that go into any product, ensuring to steer away from artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers or additives of any kind. The leptin diet also recommends that you make healthy food choices such as opting for fruit rather than a sweet or dessert and eating food with adequate fiber, as complete elimination of carbohydrates from the diet can cause changes to the gut flora. The creation of a fixed dietary routine is also beneficial to controlling cravings. These are sensible ideas that are proven to support any weight loss program.

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