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Best brands for purchasing affordable catheters

Best brands for purchasing affordable catheters

Urinary catheters are flexible tubes that are used to empty the bladder and collect urine in a bag. They are used when a person is unable to urinate naturally. For older adults who are either bedridden or have problems reaching the toilet, urinary catheters are vital requirements.

A doctor or nurse usually inserts urinary catheters. They can either be inserted via a small hole present in your lower stomach or through a tube that carries urine out of the body. Apart from local medical supply stores, one can also order catheters online. If you want to buy catheters online, you should be aware of the occasional catheters sale on numerous online shopping websites to get fantastic deals and offers.

Here are a few top brands that sell some of the best catheters you can choose during a catheters sale:


Amsino catheters have a pre-lubricated closed system with an introducer tip that helps to reduce any chance of infection. The advanced R-polished eyelets enhance the patient’s comfort during catheter insertion and removal. The collection bag with built-in thumb holes allows easy use. The product is completely sterile, latex-free and BPA-free.

  • BARD

Bard Medical manufactures its unique anti-infective latex Foley catheter, which is clinically proven to eliminate catheter-associated urinary tract infections (UTIs). Incorporating a technologically advanced formulation of silver alloy coating and hydrogel, it significantly reduces bacterial adherence and minimizes biofilm formation.


Coloplast catheters offer easy to open packaging, which is neutral colored and non-medical. For tidy, discrete, and hygienic handling and disposal, they are re-closable. There is a flexible tip that is helpful in easy guiding and gentle passage into your urethra. The soft squeeze grip helps in the smooth guidance of the tip into the urethra without touching it.


Centurion multi-med catheters come with a bunch of features. Their design enhances fluid flow through the catheter, which features anti-microbial protection both on the inside and the outside. The ergonomic guidewire insertion advancer provides easy one-handed operation. The polyurethane provides excellent handling, flexibility, and kink resistance.

So keep an eye out for the rolling catheters sale on online shopping sites, and get yourself the one that is most convenient for you.

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