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Best Rated Clinics For Knee Surgery

Best Rated Clinics For Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery – Why and where to get it done?

Knee surgery or knee replacement has become increasingly common these days. More and more people are opting for a knee replacement surgery so that they can lead a painless life. Knee surgeries are needed when a person has arthritis, to be more precise, osteoarthritis. It can also be required in case of an injury to the knee. Osteoarthritis damages the tissues of the knee, which in turn, makes activities like bending the leg or sitting extremely difficult and painful.

Types of knee surgery

With the advancement of medical technology, knee replacement surgeries have become much easier. Ninety percent of the patients do not face any complications after the surgery. There are two kinds of knee replacement surgeries, the Total Knee Replacement in which the whole knee is replaced and the Partial Knee Replacement, in which parts of the knee are replaced.

The total knee surgery is considered to be safe, and most of the people opt for this treatment option. The most common complication that arises from total knee replacement is an infection. This occurs in less than two percent of the patients. With the best orthopedic surgeons, knee replacement proves to be quite a simple procedure. Knee replacement surgery is effective for ten and sometimes twenty years.

The best places for knee replacement surgery

With the help of best orthopedic surgeons knee replacement is not a very complicated surgery these days. Many clinics and hospitals offer both these surgeries. But, it is always better to go to a hospital that provides patients the best care and treatment, along with expert doctors.

Some of the best hospitals and the average cost of knee replacement surgery are listed below-

  • Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona

The average cost of knee replacement surgery in this place is $30,270.

  • Arkansas Surgical Hospital, Arkansas

The average cost of surgery is $26,129.

  • St. Helena Hospital, California

The average price of knee replacement is $25,154.

  • Poudre Valley Hospital, Colorado

The average cost of surgical knee replacement is $55,604.

  • Sibley Memorial Hospital, District of Columbia

The average knee replacement cost is $31,660.

So, if you are suffering from knee problems, you might want to consider taking the help of best orthopedic surgeons knee replacement treatment to live a pain-free life.

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