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Best Treatment Options For Seizures

Best Treatment Options For Seizures

Seizures occur due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain and are a disorder where nerve cell activity is disturbed. There are several types of seizures, and 60% of focal seizures occur due to epilepsy.

In most cases, seizures are treated with the help of medication. When medicines fail to treat the condition, neurologists may recommend surgery or other seizure treatment options.

  • Medication

These are one of the most effective seizures treatment options since most people affected by the disease see a difference after taking the prescribed medication. Other people experience a decrease in the intensity as well as the frequency of the seizures by taking certain types of medicines. It is often seen that people get better eventually after taking the medications. They can discontinue medications thereafter. But it is important to take an expert’s advice before making such decisions.

It becomes necessary to mention here that determining the correct medicine as well as the dosage of the medicine is difficult to pinpoint. The neurologist considers the individual’s condition, the frequency of seizures, and age of the patient, along with other conditions before exploring the seizure treatment options. Your doctor will also review other medicines that you are presently taking to ensure that the different medicines do not interact with each other and cause a bad reaction.

Some of the most common side effects of anti-seizure medicines include dizziness, fatigue, loss of bone density, skin rashes, speech issues, and weight gain. It is essential to take the medicines as prescribed by the doctor and talk to the doctor before stopping your course of medicines.

  • Surgical intervention

When medicines fail to provide optimum results, it becomes mandatory to look for other seizures treatment options, of which surgery could be one. In this kind of operation, the doctor removes the particular area of the brain that is responsible for causing seizures. Such surgeries can only be performed when the diagnostic test reports show that the seizures are originating from a small and precise part of the brain. It is crucial to make sure that the part of the brain to be removed does not cause any disruptions in the normal functioning of the brain such as language, speech, vision, hearing or any other motor functions.

Patients who have undergone surgery might still be required to take medication. However, the dosage and frequency might be less, depending on your doctor’s opinion.

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