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Best Treatments and Foods for Dog Allergies

Best Treatments and Foods for Dog Allergies

When it comes to pet-care the most critical aspect that one needs to take notice is of their health. Especially if your dog is allergic to certain foods, it is essential to make a note and feed them accordingly. Dogs with food allergies are typically allergic to proteins, which come from plant-based or animal ingredients of the diet. Dairy, beef, chicken, and wheat are the most common culprits of food allergies in dogs.

How to manage the issue?

It is crucial to work with a veterinarian to determine the best food for dogs with allergies. Novel protein and hydrolyzed diets that are available by prescription only are the best dog foods allergies diet for dogs that can be bought over the counter. Further, the best dog foods allergies are hypoallergenic dog food. It is safer to feed them with such kind of food. However, a consultation with the veterinarian doctor is always essential, prior to making any decision regarding food.

In case you notice allergic reactions, here are some valuable measures that would prove to be helpful.

  • It can take many weeks for the dismissal diet to reveal the allergen, and your pet may still be experiencing some symptoms during this time.
  • Antihistamines may be prescribed by your veterinarian to calm the itching as well as Corticosteroids to lessen the swelling due to food allergy. Use of these medications may cause it difficult to decide which component in your dog’s diet is causing the reactions by concealing allergic symptoms. This is the reason why so many veterinarians choose to complete the diet of elimination prior to implementing these medications.
  • Secondary skin infections are seen with food allergies, and antibiotics may be recommended to fight this issue. Once the allergen has been classified, the primary course of action is restraint of the ingredient.
  • Including other supplements, such as probiotics and Omega-3 oils also prove as the best treatments for dog allergies. These may be prescribed as well after the elimination diet is finished to boost the immune system. This will enable your pet’s body to manage any accidental susceptibility to allergens and to limit the progression of new allergies.

Thus, with caution and care about the best dog foods allergies, it is possible to keep your pet away from allergies. A healthy pet is indeed a happy pet.

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