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Check Early Signs Of Diabetes Through Blood Glucose Solution

Check Early Signs Of Diabetes Through Blood Glucose Solution

You will have to know that, in order to use blood glucose control solution at home, always check the accuracy of your test strips as well as meter. Some researchers have found that blood glucose meter kits usually don’t include the control solution, as well as pharmacies which usually won’t carry control solution for a one-meter brand. However, the solution costs an extra penny and needs a test strip; while, the solution includes an expiration date which requires frequent replacement. Even blood glucose control solution has been another task for the people to learn and manage their early signs of diabetes.

The people who do not know what exactly is the blood glucose control solution and why is the solution used, this can be a quick rundown. The control solution is nothing but a liquid which arrives in a small vial and consists of a known amount of glucose. While the glucose solution has been placed in place of a single blood drop and the results on the meter must the test strips used with the meter. In case, if the result seems to be outside the range that gets listed on the test strip vial, it seems that there is either the problem with the meter or the test strips.

What to do if a glucose control test is out of range?

Ensure to check the expiration date on your test strips. In case, they got expired, it simply results in readings of the fake high or low blood glucose. During that time, you can simply replace the test strips quickly with new and unexpired test strips and check your blood sugar levels after the meal and before having the meal.

You can always check the expiry date on the blood glucose control solution, as different meter companies offer varied replacement time for the control solution, and that’s after 3 months, as well as 6 months or 12 months. Just consider the storage conditions, and check if test strips are not expired, and also it becomes essential to check if the test strips are exposed to high heat, cold, light or moisture.

In this way, you can check both early signs of diabetes as well as instantly check your glucose level after the increased level of diabetes.

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