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Does Nicotine Gums Help To Quit Smoking

Does Nicotine Gums Help To Quit Smoking

Sugarless chewing gum containing nicotine is called nicotine gum and is deemed to be an effective way to help smokers kick their smoking habit. Nicotine gum helps to quit smoking because they contain a small amount of nicotine that curbs your tendency to smoke. Research studies indicate that its use is safe and increases your chances of quitting smoking. Also, prescriptions are not required for its purchase from pharmacies.

Nicotine gum help quit smoking as it lessens your cravings to reach out for those cigarettes. Also, if you stop smoking, chewing the gum helps to manage the effects of nicotine withdrawal such as anxiousness, cravings, inability to concentrate and restlessness.

Nicotine gum helps to quit smoking when you decide to stop smoking completely or quit gradually by cutting back on the number of cigarettes per day. They are available in 2 varieties which include 2 mg and 4 mg packs and should be used depending on whether you smoke less than 20 cigarettes per day or more than 20 in a day respectively.

Moreover, if you require a cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up, then the 4 mg variants are suitable. On the other hand, if you are able to wait for longer than 30 minutes after you awake in the morning, then opt for the 2 mg ones.

You are advised to chew the gum for 15 minutes prior to consuming food or water. As you chew the gum, it softens and imparts a peppery flavor. Here, the gum should be left in the mouth between the gums and cheek. If you feel that the gum is losing its tingling sensation, then start chewing the gum again before pushing it back into place. Repeat the cycle for 30 minutes. By doing so, the body is able to absorb the nicotine into the bloodstream.

As a response to your query on the amount of gum that you should chew per day, it is best to discuss your condition with your healthcare provider for a general recommendation. Also, in general, smokers do not use the gum for more than 8 weeks to wean off their addiction.

It is important to note that nicotine gum helps to quit smoking, but gives rise to a range of side effects. Also, you are only switching addictions with their use. Other nicotine replacement (NRT) therapies such as vapor cigarettes and Nicotine Patch has a greater success rate and do not give rise to many ill-effects.

You can use nicotine gum to quit smoking with the help of NicRX as well. NicRX is a natural product and also, helps to overcome the addiction to cigarette smoking in a safe manner. It contains herbal ingredients which are one of its distinctive qualities as compared to the rest of the products under the NRT category.

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