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Effective Alternative Treatment Methods for Prostate Cancer in the Early Stages

Effective Alternative Treatment Methods for Prostate Cancer in the Early Stages

The second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the USA after the non-melanoma skin cancer is Prostate Cancer. If you have prostate cancer, and it has been detected in the initial stages, the positive news is that it is highly treatable.

While the standard approach in treating prostate cancer for most people is to use medicines or surgical interventions, they often bring along with them numerous unwanted side effects. Due to these side effects, some people wonder if the natural treatment of prostate cancer is more beneficial than the standard approach.

Who is at risk of developing prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is considered the second-leading cause of cancer-causing deaths in the US. It is believed that virtually all men with circulating hormones are susceptible to developing microscopic prostate cancer if they live longer.

A few natural treatments of prostate cancer are listed below:

Effects of diet on prostate cancer

Diet constitutes around 1/3rd of cancer causes related to prostate, breast and large bowel cancer. All these cancers are common in the western part of the world. Though both environment and genes impact cancer, studies show that people who abide by a mostly vegetarian diet, have the lowest chances of developing prostate cancer. It has been observed that those who consume nutrient-packed vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Through studies that have been conducted, Vitamin D3 is a known treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

Lycopene for treating prostate cancer

Lycopene is a potent antioxidant which is found in abundance in certain fruits and vegetables. Studies show that people consuming an excess of tomatoes and other fruits with high lycopene content have lower rates of cancer while inhibiting the growth of prostate tumors.

The contribution of pomegranate juice as a chemo-preventive

Studies have demonstrated that pomegranate has a positive effect in reducing the growth of cancer cells in rodents. This has propelled some researchers to further recommend the exploration of fruit for therapeutic use for humans. As was the case with lycopene, drinking pomegranate juice and consuming the fruit as a whole can be included easily in a balanced and healthy diet.

Reducing systemic inflammation

Inflammation is a known cause that contributes to cardiac disease and cancer. Detoxifying the body works as a natural treatment for prostate cancer and can improve the body’s ability to heal. Removing toxins from the body can be accomplished by sweating, proper nourishment, and regular bowel movements.

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