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Effects of Smoking on Your Body Parts and Systems

Effects of Smoking on Your Body Parts and Systems

There are so much one compromises when they resort to smoking. Besides the appalling reasons mentioned below, there are other ill effects of smoking which includes the opportunities, relationships, and money that are lost in one’s life. Compiled below are the list of effects of smoking on your body parts and bodily functions.

Smoking and digestive system: Smoking results in painful ulcer formations within the digestive system.

Smoking and blood circulation: The toxins from the cigarette enter the bloodstream and conveniently damages the blood cells causing mutation and in extreme conditions – blood cancer. Smoking also makes the blood thicker which results in increased chances of blood clots. It narrows down the passage of the arteries, which results in reduced oxygen supply to the heart, brain and all the other parts of the body.

Smoking and oral hygiene: This probably needs very less explanation for we witness how oral hygiene deteriorates because of smoking. Staring with discoloration, bad breath, and cavities – the problem progresses to less bone density in the jaw, gum related diseases and tooth infection.

Smoking and bone health: There is a high chance of developing bone and joint injuries, especially around the lower back. There is an increased risk of osteoporosis, which is essentially a disease of bone and joints that causes weakness and frequent fractures. The overall bone mass density reduces leading to several other problems.

Smoking and the cardiovascular system: Smoking is a major cause of heart-related diseases and this could affect people of any age! The damage starts first with the blood vessel, where they are thickened in some places and grows narrower, which causes faster heartbeat and blood pressure fluctuations. This increases the chances of the clot which eventually leads to heart stroke.

Smoking and respiratory system: Pretty much everything about the lungs gets affected due to smoking. Pulmonary disease, bronchitis, coughing, depression and weight loss are some of the symptoms.

Smoking and reproductive system: There is an increased chance of lower sperm count in men and infertility in women. Women under IVF treatment are reducing their chances of getting pregnant due to this habit. Also, there is also the early onset of the menopause cycle and change in hormonal levels which affects mentally as well.

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