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Food For Seasonal Allergy Relief

Food For Seasonal Allergy Relief

When seasons change, the onset of seasonal allergies in some individuals not only causes great discomfort but also restricts their lifestyles in various ways. A doctor would prescribe medication like decongestants, antihistamines, bronchodilators, etc., to tide through the unease. However, individuals prone to seasonal allergies can always choose to pick up healthy diet alternatives that could help them fight the allergies naturally. Some of the highly recommended foods and drinks that will ease an individual’s allergies are:

Start your day with a cup of green tea. This type of tea is said to contain natural histamines which will help t reduce allergy symptoms effectively. Especially, this who suffer from morning sneezing when they wake up can start with a cup of hot green tea to get their body functioning at ease.

Switch to a Mediterranean diet. A regular inclusion of foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, fish, combined with a lesser consumption of red meats can help people control their asthma to a great extent.

Cut out raw foods when your allergies are high. Switching to a cooked diet instead of your regular intake of fresh raw foods like apples or lettuce can aid in keeping your allergy symptoms in check because at times the pesticides on these raw foods can amp up the allergies to a bothersome level.

Reduce the intake of spicy food when you are prone to pollen allergies. While studies have shown that the consumption of spices do aid in allergy relief, in some cases, where the individual has allergies caused by pollen, keeping away from spicy food will be recommended because spices produce high levels of histamines. As a result of which, if the histamines from spicy foods interfere with the histamines that are naturally produced in the body as a reaction to seasonal allergies, the allergy symptoms tend to worsen.

Regulate your immune system using yogurt and probiotics. Research has stated that individuals, regularly prone to allergies, when switched to regular probiotics or yogurt intake showed a better build up in the immune system and less of allergy symptoms aggravation.

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