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Importance of HIV and AIDS Awareness

Importance of HIV and AIDS Awareness

Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV continues to be a deadly disease and the name itself can give nightmares to anyone. Though several awareness campaigns are launched across the United States, many people are still unaware of the causes and treatment of this virus or the disease that it causes. If the HIV is left untreated, it can lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS, which is quite, unfortunately, an incurable disease. Therefore, instead of sticking to the stigma related to HIV and AIDS, it is better to be aware of the possible causes of this disease and apply proper preventive measures to stay safe. Go Boldly and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are doing a great job of spreading awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Causes of HIV and AIDS

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a type of retrovirus, which affects the vital cells and organs of the human body. This virus can grow only when there is no antiretroviral therapy to prevent its spread. Also, you need to know that the spread of the disease is not the same for all. The spread of the virus mostly depends on the immune system of the patient, age of the patient, his access to treatment etc. Sexual contact with an infected person is one of the major reasons behind the spread of AIDS. Yet, one can get affected with HIV and AIDS even without sexual contact. Some inherit this disease from infected mother while other may contaminate it by using the needle used by an AIDS patient. Also, blood transfusion from an AIDS patient can transmit the disease.

Symptoms & Testing of HIV and AIDS

Signs and symptoms of AIDS vary from one individual to another. While some does not have any symptom for months and years, others may develop signs within a month or six weeks. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Labs provide support to enable a quick review of your condition. Oraquick has also been helping people to diagnose themselves with HIV and AIDS discreetly for the initial stages.

Many studies are being conducted to find cure and vaccine for AIDS. However, awareness about AIDS and avoiding sexual contact or blood transfusion with an infected person is the only way to prevent AIDS.

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