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Know More About the Symptoms of HIV in Children

Know More About the Symptoms of HIV in Children

Early signs of HIV infection in people can be mild and easily dealt with, rather than later. The HIV symptoms even without noticeable signs can be carried to other people without any early warning signs. It is always important to check for signs and symptoms of HIV disease. The extent of the HIV spread in children depends on their age. The infants born to HIV infected mother may show negative on being tested but can carry the virus with no symptoms. Tests are done at various phases from birth to the age of 6 months to understand the first symptom of HIV in children. The HIV rash pictures on the kids at times can give the initial HIV symptoms. Below are major early signs of an HIV infection:

  • Early symptoms could be delayed physical growth and mentally challenged at times. Loss of appetite and poor weight gain and weakness in bones.
  • Abdomen can be swollen and sometimes the swollen part could be due to liver or spleen.
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Inconsistency in the poop. Constipation and diarrhea keep interchanging.
  • Pneumonia can be another sign as well.
  • Mouth infection showing HIV rash pictures like white patches on cheeks and tongue. These are very painful for children as well.

Some symptoms cannot hide for more than 10 years and early signs of HIV infection in adolescence is shown in the body as soon as they turn teens. HIV symptoms early warning signs show the early stages of the infection which are highly variable from one person to another. Once the immune system starts failing in a child, there are high chances that the doctor will check for the virus and the prevalent infection for the HIV warning signs and the HIV spread. The HIV virus can destroy the T4 cells the blood cells and bring out all symptoms and actively infect the whole immune system which can ultimately kill the person as well. Once the early signs of HIV virus occur in teens is when complications come in and start deteriorating the immune system. Some kids even develop major herpes infections causing mouth, genital and anal sores. Thus it is always better to diagnose with family doctor before going further with any treatment options.

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