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How Is the Dosage of Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes Determined

How Is the Dosage of Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes Determined

A chronic condition where the body produces inadequate insulin or resists insulin is type 2 diabetes. When affected by the condition, the blood sugar levels fluctuate, and in a few patients, oral drugs alone may not be sufficient to manage the condition.

For better results and to regulate the sugar level in the best possible manner, doctors recommend taking both oral medicines and insulin dosage at night. Night time insulin doses help in establishing control over the blood sugar levels and regulate it.

The dosage of Insulin for Type 2 diabetes

The dosage of such insulin type 2 diabetes depends on many factors including:

  • Body weight
  • Height
  • Age
  • Gender

For instance, the dosage might be different for a younger person as compared to an older adult. If you have a higher body weight, then you might need more units of insulin.

In type 2 diabetes, if insulin is not used then it could lead to severe complications. Hence, insulin type 2 diabetes is a critical aspect for such patients. Missing even one dosage can cause a stroke or other emergencies. So, you need to understand the dosage correctly before starting the intake of insulin type 2 diabetes.

It is recommended for such patients to start on a small dose of 10 units of insulin. They need to take this insulin at bedtime to see better results. If you are prone to hyperglycemia, then you should start at 20-25 units of insulin and take it as late as possible. insulin type 2 diabetes should always be taken at night as it is at this time that it acts the fastest. However, you should always consult your healthcare professional on the dosage before starting out on insulin.


While insulin has a lot of excellent medicinal properties, one should be very cautious when they take their insulin dosage.

  • A patient should not take insulin in more quantity than the dose prescribed by the doctor. Taking more insulin will reduce their blood sugar level to below the average level, thereby increasing your chances of passing out.
  • A patient taking two dosages of insulin should try and eat healthy food because people with this medical condition are more prone to suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

Positive lifestyle changes with regular and proper insulin type 2 diabetes dosages can help you manage your diabetes well.

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