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How To Heal Severe Dry Eye Pain

How To Heal Severe Dry Eye Pain

Irritation or any sort of pain that occurs during the dry eye conditions is commonly known as dry eye syndrome. However, it causes some sort of pain in the eye. They may even experience a different sort of eye discomfort, including burning and blurred vision.

What causes dry eyes?

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Medications
  • Medical conditions

How is dry eye diagnosed?

With a comprehensive eye examination and test, reports diagnose whether a person is affected by dry eye or not. Some of the examinations are,

How is dry eye treated?

  • Adding artificial tears is one of the recommended treatment by the doctors.
  • Using prescribed tear production drops that can make your eyes moisturized.
  • A surgical procedure that will help in blocking the tear ducts.

What are tears and how do they relate to dry eye?

When the eyes water, they produce some sort of liquid known as tears which are produced by tear glands or the lacrimal glands. And they are found under your upper eyelids.

To ensure that the eye condition is good, then it should produce enough amounts of tears in it. If the eyes refuse the tear production, then it is termed as dry eye syndrome. Therefore, it is a condition in which tears production and drainage are imbalanced.

Why is dry eye painful?

The cause of dry eye pain is due to the inflammation that can be from different sclerosis, bacterial or viral infection. They may even cause symptoms like feeling stressed, vision change along with pressure and eye paining. Sinusitis is the bacteria that leads to dry eye pain that may even lead to a sensation of the eye.

Heal severe dry eye pain

They are different types of prescribed products that heel severe dry eye pain. The products can be eye drops, ointment for gels.

  • Artificial Tears
  • Restasis
  • Xiidra
  • Steroid eye drops
  • Lacrisert
  • Punctal Plugs
  • Nutritional Supplement

Home remedies for dry eye pain

  • Blink your eyes more frequently
  • Clean your eyelids with cold water
  • Prefer using high-quality sunglasses
  • Take frequent breaks while you are working with computers

Best Eye Hospitals –

  • Eyesite Optometry
  • Newport Eye Physicians
  • Jeffrey M Joseph, MD
  • Chao Vision Institute
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