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Importance And Benefits Of Hair DNA Testing

Importance And Benefits Of Hair DNA Testing

Hair loss is one of the major issues that people are facing these days. Many are having sleepless nights due to the same reason. Hair loss can occur due to many reasons so it’s important to identify it separately for each person. Some of the most common causes of hair fall are air pollution, hormonal imbalances, underactive thyroid gland, nutrition deficiency in the body, etc. If you want to effectively treat the condition, you must know the exact reason causing your hairs to fall. Hair DNA testing is the only tried and tested way to find out the real cause of your untimely hair loss.

Benefits of Hair DNA Testing

  • The procedure lets you know the real reason for your hair fall in an efficient manner.
  • Depending on the resulting reason, it would become easier for the doctor to suggest you the most appropriate medicines to treat the condition.
  • You would know the extent and severity of your hair loss issue.
  • This procedure is free from any kind of side-effects since it is a non-invasive procedure.
  • Hair DNA testing can prevent baldness before it even begins if you get your hair tested beforehand.
  • The procedure will prevent the doctor from suggesting ineffective medicines.

Importance of Genetic Test for Hair Fall

This is a good indicator of the chances of you having androgenic alopecia, years before it actually starts. If the test result shows that there is the presence of the balding gene in your body, you are at 70% risk of facing this variety of alopecia. Hair DNA testing would allow you the required time to get treatment for this condition so that your balding process starts much later and slower than expected. You never know if you get hair loss treatment well in advance, you may not even suffer from any kind of hair related issue. Hair DNA testing allows you to take precautionary measures and effective steps to save you from the embarrassment of having fewer hair strands on your head.


Ensure that the labor center you are going for the hair DNA testing is reliable.

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