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Keeping Your Blood Glucose Level Under Control

Keeping Your Blood Glucose Level Under Control

It is common knowledge that to keep one’s blood glucose controlled, a balanced diet and ample exercise is the key. For a diabetic, medication plays a major role. Blood sugar levels after meals tends to be on the higher side for those diabetics who are careless with their food and medication. Studies reveal that lifestyle disease like diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle is the silent killer. While we all know the solution to good health management is multi-pronged, using a tool like blood sugar monitoring devices, leads to better blood glucose control.

A blood glucose monitoring device is a quantitative test that can be done by self at home which lets you determine the amount of glucose in your blood.

Some facts about testing:

  • Many things can alter your blood glucose level. Exercise, alcohol consumption, stress, illness, insomnia, high altitude, too much sleep are some such factors.
  • Be aware of your target blood glucose level. Follow the guidelines set by the American Diabetes Association. Also be aware that factors like age and other medical conditions affect your results.
  • Your doctor will set your target blood glucose level specifically for you based on your overall health. Do not blindly adhere to set standards and alter medication.
  • At times the test result might seem incorrect – the reading might seem too high or low but you may feel fine; wash your hands and re test. Always record your readings – this will come in handy when comparing readings over a period of time.
  • The standard times to test are – fasting, two hours after meals and before bed.
  • The frequency of testing has to be determined along with your healthcare provider. It may be several times each day to determine adjustments in your diet and treatment.
  • The test results are not gospel. Inaccuracy may be because of various reasons. To avoid external factors from playing a role, always store the meter and strips as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the instructions while using the meter.
  • Talk to your doctor and decide on a blood glucose meter that is apt for you.
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