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Important Lab Supplies In Medical Field

Important Lab Supplies In Medical Field

The lab technicians may be the superstars of the laboratories finding out the diagnosis and prevention of diseases like diabetes, AIDS, Ebola, and cancer. However, in order to continue the experiments on finding the prevention, the technicians are required to use lots of lab equipment.

SP Lens Papers

The SP Lens Papers of Cardinal Health are in rage among the technicians as they extremely silky and soft being ideal to work with. There are fifty sheets available in the booklets filled with 12 papers. If you visit the online store of MedxSupply, you can get it shipped anywhere in the US within three to five days.

Freezer Alarm Thermometer

The Fisher Scientific Thermometer is made with advanced technology that can monitor and regulate the temperature of refrigerators, freezers, water baths, heating blocks and water baths. It comes with double A battery along with magnetic and Velcro strips making the appliance easy to handle. Moreover, the manufacturers offer one year warranty period.

HemoCue Hb 201+ Analyzer

This product being one of the effective laboratory supplies, as it contains dual wavelength which can generally be used for all the blood resources including arterial, venous and capillary. Being resistant to breakages, it has a display to show the results easily. Additionally, the small size of it makes the product more convenient to use and assess the performance regarding the optronic unit.

Millipore Glass Fiber Filters

This product has a pore size of 1.2 microns with the water flow rate of 27 seconds. The 0.19mm thick filters are widely used for 0.45 micro or tinier sized membrane filters. This product is also available online giving you the facility of getting delivered within two business days. In addition to the context, you can contact the online store for ordering in bulk.

Fisherband Handi-Hold Spatula

The 15cm long spatula manufactured by Fisher is immune against the exposure of solvents, acids and boiling water. The handle is made of polyvinyl chloride plastic and the material of the blade is stainless steel.

Henceforth, it can be assumed that there are various companies that offer quality products when they are required to use in the lab. Additionally, excellent quality of the products helps the mankind to save from the critical diseases.

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