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Know Everything About The Throbbing Headache

Know Everything About The Throbbing Headache

If you often feel intolerable pain in your head, do not discard it just another headache. This can indicate that your body has developed the primary stage of a migraine. Considered as a neurological condition, this can be a chronic illness disrupting basic functions of life.

Signs of a Migraine

The signs of this neurological condition differ from person to person making a person’s life harder. Following are the common signs of this condition,

  • A pulsing headache at only side of a headache
  • Feeling of sensitivity after being exposed to bright light or shrill sound or awful odor
  • Distorted vision
  • Vomiting tendency
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

Do you know what Causes Migraine?

There are frequent migraine causes which you should be aware of because you may change your habits and diet after going through the list,

  • Drink – If you drink excessive alcohol, you can develop this neurological condition. Apart from alcohol, caffeine can be another prime factor of a migraine according to Diamond Headache Clinic.
  • Infrequent Meals – If you have long intervals between meals, you may experience a migraine any time. This is why the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Headache Division thinks that poor diet and skipping breakfast lead to critical problems further.
  • Hormonal Changes – Women may develop this neurological disease when they are undergoing sudden hormonal changes at the time of period or pregnancy. The reason behind is that the estrogen levels change leading to the consequences of the chronic condition.
  • Environment – Claustrophobic places and weather changes trigger the neurological disease extensively. Climate shift to a barometric pressure increase the problems with a migraine.
  • Preservatives – Sweeteners and preservatives used in the food include MSG that may initiate a throbbing headache jeopardizing your life entirely.

Loud noises, bright sunlight and odor of cigarette smoke are the other risk factors for migraine. Gender, age and family medical history cannot be denied to be harmless when it comes to assessing the factors of this chronic neurological condition. As a migraine disrupts people’s day-to-day activity, the economic growth of US suffers approximately $17.2 billion in the field of productivity every year. However, as the complete cure is yet to be found, you need to take medical advice from the professionals before even considering self-prescribed medications.

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