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Know How Oxygen Analyzer Works and What Is It Used For

Know How Oxygen Analyzer Works and What Is It Used For

An oxygen analyzer is capable of measuring the level of oxygen in a particular system and can be used to determine if the oxygen level needs to be increased. An O2 analyzer uses a type of oxygen sensor made of a ceramic material for functioning.

Here is a further insight into this utility device.

Principles of oxygen analyzers

You can find various types of oxygen analyzers, each with a different measurement method such as zirconia type, optical type, paramagnetic type, and electrochemical type measurement system. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • In the zirconia type measurement system, zirconia (a solid electrolyte) exhibits the conductivity of o2 ions at a high temperature.
  • In the paramagnetic type measurement system, the paramagnetic property of o2 is utilized. In the optical type measurement system, Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) measurements are taken. The TDL system operates by carefully measuring the amount of laser light, which is lost (absorbed) while traveling through the gas.
  • In the electrochemical type measurement system, o2 is dissolved in an electrolyte solution in which cathode and anode are placed adjacent to each other. The o2 concentration is determined by measuring the current that is generated.

Application of O2 analyzers

Concentrations of oxygen are measured for different purposes, like energy conservation, reduction in air pollution, safety management, and quality control. An o2 analyzer can be used for monitoring combustion, to keep control over combustion in various applications, and to help industries save energy considerably. There are various applications of oxygen analyzers. They are required in energy-consuming industries and various combustion facilities.

Oxygen analyzers are required in various industries such as oil and petrochemicals, pulp and paper, iron and steel, ceramics, food and textiles and in medium-sized boilers. An o2 analyzer also helps in decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide in emissions. This is done by preventing the incomplete combustion of fuels. In this way, an o2 analyzer contributes to reducing air pollution and global warming.

In short, each type of oxygen analyzer has a wide range of applications and is seen to be used extensively in various industries.

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