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Laser Spine Surgery at Laser Spine Institute New Mexico

Laser Spine Surgery at Laser Spine Institute New Mexico

Laser Spine Surgery is done by decreasing pressure on a nerve which is compressed or by spine stabilizing. When a disc is ruptured, a discectomy is done in which the affected part of the disc is removed from the spine. A laminectomy is done to remove any kind of outgrowths in the spinal. A spinal fusion is performed where there is fusion done in the unstable vertebral bones. These surgeries are done with minimally invasive techniques that allow less damage to the surrounding cells and tissues, blood loss is less and recovery time becomes less. One of the most minimally invasive techniques is laser spine surgery.

Laser Spine Surgery near me:

Laser Spine Institute – Laser Spine Institute New Mexico considers itself as the leader in laser spine surgeries. They claim to cure their patients completely and get back to their normal lives. They keep renewing their recognition from the leaders in ambulatory healthcare accreditations, AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care).

Laser Spine Institute is all over America providing relief to people suffering from common spinal problems. More than 75,000 people have recovered in our centers.

Laser Spine Institute complaints:

Apart from the good reviews, there are many laser spine institute complaints regarding these centers and their surgeries.

  • Many people think that these centers are overpriced. Some people find the drop-down options have certain health insurance names which the centers do not accept at the time of payment. These issues are really major and people with such health conditions face a lot of problems.
  • A person who got his laser surgery done in Arizona center says that the doctor initially had told him that the chances of recovery were 99% and minutes before the surgery he changed it to 50% which was a huge blow for the patient. Even after seventeen weeks after the surgery, there was no improvement.
  • Another person says that there is a lot of delay in their response. It makes the patient really upset that after spending lots of money, they are not getting the right response.
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