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Facts and Statistics on Metastatic Lung Cancer

Facts and Statistics on Metastatic Lung Cancer

Over the years, lung cancer has become one of the most predominant reasons for deaths in the United States. Around 27% of the total cancer patients suffer from lung cancer. Both small cell and metastatic lung cancer or non-small cell lung cancers fall under the statistics of lung cancer induced deaths.

Here’s a closer look at lung cancer and metastatic lung cancer survival rate, the prevalence, gender differences, and other essential factors.

Mortality rate

The number of deaths caused by lung cancer was around 159,292 in the USA in the year 2005. The number later decreased to about 155,610 deaths in 2014. However, the rate of deaths due to lung cancer has increased again in recent years, reaching around 158,080 in 2016. Around 14% of all new cancer patients in the USA suffer from lung cancer.

Gender differences

During 1975, as per various research studies, it was men who had lung cancer, including metastatic lung cancer, more than women. However, from 1984 onwards, the number of female patients increased significantly. As per recent studies, although more men are being diagnosed with lung cancer every year, the number of women who already have lung cancer is still higher as compared to male patients.

Survival rates

When it comes to metastatic lung cancer survival rates, it is imperative to know that compared to other types of cancers affecting other body parts, the survival rates for lung cancer are much lower. As per the studies based on the last five years, the survival rate of lung cancer is around 17.7 %. On the other hand, the survival rate of breast cancer patients is approximately 89.7%, and for colon cancer, the rate is about 64.4%.

When it comes to a type of cancer that causes maximum death in the United States, lung cancer is undoubtedly the leading cause. However, if diagnosed at the right time and with the necessary and timely treatment given to patients, the metastatic lung cancer survival rate can be improved. Also, it is to be noted that timely treatment alone is not enough to improve the metastatic lung cancer survival rate among patients; a change in the lifestyle of patients is required as well.

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