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Most Common Causes And Triggers Of Migraines

Most Common Causes And Triggers Of Migraines

We do not know the exact cause behind migraine headaches. But there are certain common factors that trigger a migraine, according to health care providers. Read here the frequent migraine headache causes so that you can avoid the occurrence.


Stress has been identified as one of the most common causes of a migraine. Stress at work or in one’s personal life can be the cause behind your migraine. You may also get a migraine attack when you go through a stressful event.

Skipping meals

Another cause behind your migraine would be hunger and a drop in glucose levels due to skipping meals. Research studies also point out skipping meals as a cause for the onset of a migraine attack. Also, dehydration can trigger a migraine.

Strong or unusual odor

Migraine patients often mention strong odors from perfumes as a trigger for a migraine headache. Unusual smells are among a frequent migraine headache causes. Strong smell from food, cigarette smoke, scents etc. should be avoided if you are suffering from a migraine.

A change in hormones

In women, a change in hormones as part of their menstrual cycle can trigger migraine attacks. Women report migraine attacks before, during or after their periods. This is due to the fluctuation of estrogen in their body.

Hormonal medications

For people suffering from a migraine, hormonal medication can trigger an attack. Hormonal medication includes different types of oral contraceptives, hormonal replacement therapy etc.


Alcoholic drinks, as well as highly caffeinated drinks, can trigger migraine attacks in people. Keep an eye on your intake of caffeinated soft drinks, energy drinks, wine etc.

Sleep deprivation

A change in sleep patterns could also be the reason behind migraine headaches. Both insufficient sleep and excessive sleep are considered as a frequent migraine headache causes.

Additives in food

Certain additives that are commonly used in food can be the reason behind your migraine attack. A common additive that triggers a headache is monosodium glutamate, abbreviated as MSG. Avoid food that contains MSG if you have been diagnosed with a migraine.

Sounds and lights

Some patients complain that bright lights and loud sounds are the triggering factors for a migraine.

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