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Novel Way To Treat Pancreatic Cancer

Novel Way To Treat Pancreatic Cancer

With over 42,000 cases of pancreatic cancer every year in the US, this disease has become the fifth leading cancer death reason in the country. Yet there is an on-going breadth of research work happening around the treatment of pancreatic cancer disease in the US and clinical trials in one such innovative option that has off late gained some attention. Essentially participating in the pancreatic cancer clinical trials has shown positive results.

In the US, the FDA oversees these clinical researches for pancreatic cancer that can be beneficial for the overall treatment. Indeed, a lot of research work is being focused on treating pancreatic cancer at different stages being the tumor, nodes, and metastasis with approved clinical trials. To participate, you can look for regional pancreatic centers that are actively involved in research trials. Alternatively, you could consult medical professionals, oncologists or your medical team for information pertaining to pancreatic cancer clinical trials. You can also look for the US National Cancer Institute and Clinical Trials.gov for reliable information related to the clinical trials. Additionally, you may also look for cancer trials in Center Watch that has industry-sponsored clinical research. Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is another platform that offers free clinical trial information with the help of their program staff. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is another institution that offers an opportunity to participate in pancreatic clinical trials to determine the genetic and other unique factors to better treat this condition. MD Anderson can also be considered for its leading research capabilities in preventing pancreatic cancer.

Needless to say, this whole trial system does raise some eyebrows, yet the motive is progressive survival by testing the efficacy of the treatment. And to participate, one has to meet certain pathological criteria to qualify. You may not be the right person to judge and so consulting with a physician can give you a better understanding of whether you stand a chance for the pancreatic cancer clinical trials or not.

Every clinical research comes with its own setbacks yet pancreatic cancer trials have shown some promising results with proven investigation avenues that have been fairly pursued.

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