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Know About Obamacare Insurance Pros and Cons

Know About Obamacare Insurance Pros and Cons

Obamacare insurance has been a hot topic of discussion throughout the political spectrum since its inception. Both, Republicans as well as Democrats have good and bad things to say about the Obamacare insurance policy. While on the ground level, the people it was created for are also in split minds when it came to commenting on the effectiveness of the policy.

Some people feel that the insurance has done more harm than good for the American populace, while others feel that the policy has been working and should not be repealed.

Obamacare Insurance Pros and Cons

Here is a lowdown on the pros and cons of Obamacare –


Lower Overall Costs of Healthcare

This has been by far the biggest pro of the Obamacare insurance. This helps bring down overall costs tremendously because illnesses are caught before they get severe where the cost of care is extremely expensive.

Essential Health Benefits

Obamacare covers a basic set of medical problems that mandate treatment free of cost for insurance holders. This includes medical illnesses that are chronic, addictions, mental illnesses and many more.

Children Also Covered

Children are covered by their parents’ insurance policy until they are age 26. This cuts down costs for parents as well as the insurance companies, creating a win-win for everyone.


Company Healthcare Withdrawn

The result of Obamacare was that many companies withdrew healthcare to their employees who were provided to them as part of their pay package. This cost many people the insurance they were happy with for years.

Private Health Insurance Could Not Compete

Private insurance companies could not compete with the affordable insurance offered by Obamacare, especially with the essential health benefits it offered. This resulted in their packages seeming expensive, and thus many of them had to shut down or change plans.

While Obamacare insurance has been extremely beneficial for the lower strata of the American society, many businesses have been affected by it too. In addition, it is important to remember that no policy is foolproof and constant changes need to be made to keep up with the changing needs of the populace. This ensures that the misuse of the policy is kept to a bare minimum and it benefits everyone. It is always a good thing to do your research about what suits you and then goes accordingly.

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