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Options Available In Free Glucose Meter Strips

Options Available In Free Glucose Meter Strips

When a person needs to undergo blood glucose testing, the free glucose meter strips play a vital role. To use these Free Glucose Meter strips some blood needs to be placed on the strip and the meter provides all the necessary readings.

If you are looking for these free glucose meter strips in the United States, a range of options exist. Below are listed some of the common free glucose meter strips which can be found at medical facilities across the United States and can be used as and when needed.

  • Lite Test Strips (Freestyle)

These free glucose meter strips are available for a price of $1.13 per strip and this particular strip does not require any coding which essentially means that it can be conveniently used for testing purpose. When you use Free Glucose Meter strips for testing purpose, the same can be used for testing using the fingers, forearm, upper arm, hand or thigh.

Another advantage of using this free glucose meters strip is that it needs a sample size of 0.3 microliters of blood which is, in fact, the smallest sample size. The blood glucose results are also evident in five seconds which make it extremely popular among users.

  • Glucose Test Strips (TRUETrack)

This is another popular free glucose meter strips which are easily available across the United States. If you decide to use this Free Glucose Meter strip you will require only 1 microliter blood sample. This Free Glucose Meter strip gives accurate results in ten seconds only and is easy to handle. The free glucose meters strip works in a capillary action mode and draws the blood sample easily on to the blood glucose test strip. The cost is also very competitive and you can get a strip of the same for $0.21 per strip.

People in the United States who are covered under Medicare policies can also get to know more on the different kind of free glucose meter strips on the official website https://www.medicare.gov/. The web portal also details the eligibility of the person and the requirements they need to fulfill in order to avail the use of blood glucose testing through this medium in the United States.

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