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Perfect Home Remedies For Dogs With Allergies

Perfect Home Remedies For Dogs With Allergies

Seasonal allergies or even general allergies are known to affect dogs. While it is always wise to consult a Veterinary Doctor, there are certain basic home care methods that dog owners could follow on a consistent basis with their dogs. Here is a compilation of some of them.

Aloe Vera

The perfect solution for any skin problems – be it human or dog. However, ensure not to use the outside portion of the leaf! Stick only to the usage of the gel. Aloe has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes this a perfect solution for curing any open wounds, itches and hot spots. When you notice your dog itching a particular spot regularly, just apply the gel, and there would be a cooling effect for the dog right away! If you are not comfortable using the gel straight away from the plant, you could always buy the ones they sell in the store.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The properties of ACV is such that it can be used to rinse the dog’s paws which will take off the accumulated allergens and even some of the pollens. ACV is also effective to fight off the rashes and itches that are caused by yeast infections. This could even be used as a perfect cleaner for the dog’s ears! However, ACV should not be used on open wounds and bites. It is advisable only for itchy areas.

Coconut Oil

For ages, we have known about the benefits of coconut oil. The oil contains lauric acid which significantly reduces the production of yeast. The oil also further contributes to a healthy skin thereby reducing the chances of allergens.


Ensure to use baby oatmeal cereal and grind it finely in a food processor. This is also an age-old method of curing any allergies in dogs. Sir the powdered oatmeal in warm water and allow your dog to soak in the healing process.


That’s right! A good amount of yogurt helps the good bacteria happy in your dogs intestine, thereby allowing a faster healing process for allergies.

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