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How Often Should I Get Pneumonia Shots

How Often Should I Get Pneumonia Shots

Pneumonia is an infection caused by bacteria and fungi that affect the lungs while portraying symptoms related to cold and flu such as chest pain, coughing and shortness of breath that is treated using antibiotics. The pneumonia shot, a pneumococcal vaccine prepared with modified purified pneumonia-causing bacteria, is administered to protect against the bacterial cause of pneumonia. However, as an individual seeking a preventive measure against a pneumonia infection, it is always important to take note of how often should I get a pneumonia shot.

How often should I get a pneumonia shot?

The pneumonia vaccine is available in two forms, the PCV13, and PPSV23. The PCV13 is administered to help fight against 13 bacteria that cause pneumonia. After one year, the PPSV23 vaccine is then administered to fight against 23 more bacteria that cause pneumonia. Read on to answer the question as to how often should I get a pneumonia shot. For adults over the age of 65 years, who are highly prone to pneumonia, they should get a one-time pneumonia shot. Patients that are undergoing treatment for a chronic disease need to also get revaccinated with the pneumonia shot after every five years together with an annual influenza vaccine shot.

Individuals that smoke and drink alcohol regularly, suffering from a chronic lung condition and those having impaired immunity are advised to get the first pneumonia shot at any age and thereafter get revaccinated once every five to ten years or as prescribed by their doctor. In addition, individuals suffering from an impaired spleen or have had their spleen removed, should also get a pneumonia shot at any age and have subsequent shots every five to ten years under a doctor’s advisement.

It isn’t necessary to take the pneumonia shot as regularly as the flu shots that are administered annually. The influenza virus that causes flu undergoes a regular mutation that causes a different flu virus each season hence the recommendation for administration of flu shots annually. Parts of the pneumonia shot, however, stimulate the immune system and rarely mutate ensuring their presence every year ensuring your body is protected.

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