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Prescription Drug Addiction Help and Treatment from Rehab Recovery

Prescription Drug Addiction Help and Treatment from Rehab Recovery

The number of people seeking help with prescription drug addiction is constantly on the rise. While it is difficult to get these prescription drugs over the counter, there are people who feign illness or find other illicit ways of getting hold of these medicines. The trigger is that these people could have had pain, anxiety, or depression in their past, and the so-called “relief” that the prescription drugs provided was so good that they begin to use them more and more. Over a period of time, they get addicted, thereby requiring extensive treatment at medical drug rehabilitation centers.

Some commonly abused prescription drugs include the following:

  • Vicodin: It is used for pain relief, predominantly ranging from recurrent back pain to postop pain. People who are addicted even resort to crushing it and snorting it or mix it with water and inject directly. This gives a high feeling, which is almost instant.
  • OxyContin: It is another drug that medical drug rehabilitation centers prescribe.
  • Morphine: Used commonly for acute pain, including for cancer patients, this is extremely popular among abusers. It stimulates the brain and produces a high in no time, which adds to its popularity.
  • Antidepressants: These are another category of drugs, which end up in seeking prescription drug addiction help. Depressed people feel hopeless and helpless, and these drugs that help them overcome these feelings are very commonly misused.
  • Calmers: Drugs like Xanax (alprazolam) and Ativan (lorazepam), which quieten the mind and also induce sleep to an extent, are another group of abused drugs. The person feels completely under control when using these. In addition, these people also end up abusing alcohol and other substances, and the damage to the body is exponentially increased.

Medical drug rehabilitation centers are specialized in handling and offering prescription drug addiction help. They not only help the person stop using the pills they are addicted to, but they also manage symptoms that emerge during withdrawal and bring about behavioral changes in the person. Treating the underlying diseases is another important aspect of medical drug rehabilitation centers.

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