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Resisting HIV Is Possible by Following Some Simple Tips

Resisting HIV Is Possible by Following Some Simple Tips

AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome is an incurable disease spread by HIV. Even though medical science has made significant advancement in the recent days, researchers are yet to find any vaccine that can help in resisting HIV from infecting humans. Yet, studies have proven the fact that a few people with CCR5 gene are immune to AIDS. However, this gene is possessed by less than one percent of the global population and the rest can only prevent the disease by adopting some preventive measures.

Measures to resist HIV

HIV can affect anyone. Yet, awareness about the virus and its spread can help in checking the risk of AIDS significantly. Some of the commonly used preventive measures for resisting HIV have been listed below:

Know your partner- Sexual intercourse with any HIV infected person is one of the major factors responsible for AIDS. Therefore, before having any kind of sexual intercourse with your partner, it is recommended for you to talk about his sexual health and check whether he has got HIV. Both male and female have risks of getting HIV. Therefore, both should get tested for the virus and check its spread further.

Check the risk- In case, you are planning to have sex without getting tested for HIV, you should check the risk of spreading the virus. Use condoms if you are planning to have vaginal or anal sex. Also, it is wise to use condoms for oral sex as well.

Limit your sexual partners- The risk of getting HIV is higher for people with multiple sexual partners. Therefore, limit the number of partners and it is best to have sex with only one partner.

Get STD tested- STDs or sexually transmitted diseases if left untreated can lead to AIDS. Therefore, anyone, who is sexually active, should once get themselves tested for STD. This will help is getting medicines on time and also check the spread of the disease further.

Use sterile injections- Be careful about blood transfusion and accept it from a reliable source. Also, use sterile injections to prevent the spread of this disease.

You can also talk to healthcare providers at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, San Francisco General Hospital, The Core Center of Chicago or any local AIDS clinic for better guidance.

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