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Some Insights on Stem Cell Therapy

Some Insights on Stem Cell Therapy

It is a well-known saying that every second, a child is born on the earth. On a note that is more scientifically rooted, the UNICEF estimates that over 300,000 children are born each day. Suffice to say that not all of them are healthy babies with no defects. Some are born healthy, and some are not. Some defects are harder or impossible to cure. But recent advances in medical science has given birth to a new kind of therapy that might just be the weapon humanity needs to tackle disorders that can’t be cured by traditional methods.

Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) is the name given to a therapy that uses stem cells to treat disorders that may or may not be life-threatening. News to be happy about is that stem cells can be obtained from many different sources on the human body and can potentially be used to treat more than 80 disorders of the body, which include neuromuscular and degenerative disorders. The relieving part is that stem cell therapy is accepting united healthcare insurance.

That said, due to the therapy being in its nascent stages, there is a significant curiosity among people about the therapy. The next question to ask would probably be if you were to acquire a disorder that could only be cured by the use of Stem Cell Therapy. Does stem cell therapy accepting united healthcare insurance cover that?

Today, Stem Cell Therapy is primarily used for bone marrow transplants and usually other bone-related disorders. Neurological and degenerative disorders are usually extremely rare and thus Stem Cell Therapy does not prove to be extensively useful for the same. Blood-related disorders such as Thalassemia have also shown promising changes in response to Stem Cell Therapy and may have further uses.

It is interesting to note how Stem Cell Therapy has grown rapidly to encompass most disorders that were once considered a final sentence for patients, considering that they were treated with conventional medicine. Most healthcare providers including United Healthcare also provide options that may include plans for Stem Cell Therapy. Over the past few years, this therapy has only grown in popularity and is currently the most interesting field of medical science.

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