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Spotting The Signs Of Depression

Spotting The Signs Of Depression

Given our Modern lifestyles and hectic schedules coupled with crazy daily routines and poor food habits, depression is a common thing of the day. Everyone feels sad and lonely at some point in time when he/she goes through a difficult phase of life. But it is very important to know where to draw a line between feeling sad and feeling depressed. It is very important to get good medical help at the right time.

There are different symptoms of depression. You may have one or all. But, it is important to identify the intensity and how long the symptoms last. They can be broadly classified as below:

  • Change in sleep patterns: It could be associated either with sleeplessness (Insomnia) or sleeping too much. Also, difficulty to stay asleep for too long or early-morning wakefulness is a common thing.
  • Alterations in behavioral patterns: One could display lack of interest in things or activities that were once pleasurable. Anxiety, irritability, restlessness are very common symptoms. Agitation, excessive crying or social isolation are things that can be noticed prominently.
  • Appetite and overall wellness of the body: Can display either overeating or loss of appetite. Headaches, body aches, various pains or cramps too may appear and stay for long even when you pop some pills are all things that could eventually lead to fatigue.
  • Cognitive symptoms: There could be a lack of concentration, difficulty in remembering details and making decisions. Very frequent mood swings or sadness, apathy, general discontent, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, pessimism, and hopelessness. Going through the same thoughts repeatedly etc. If left unattended at the right time, suicidal thoughts or attempts by the depressed patients could have life-threatening events.
  • Whole body wellness: Patients may observe sudden and excessive gain or loss in body weight.

As they say- Nip it in the bud, it is very important to get medical help at the right time. If not there could be several complications that can lead due to depression. If depression is untreated for a long time, not only that there is a possibility for the patients to face the complications of depression drawbacks that can lead to chronic illnesses related to the heart, pain perception, sex, and sleep, it may even lead to serious and life-threatening problems including suicide. The mental state of depression and the medicines used in the treatment can have side effects on the sexual desire and sexual performance of the patient as well. In addition, sleep-related problems, serotonin syndrome, antidepressant withdrawal symptoms are all the outcomes of the eventuality of depression.

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