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Tips to Find the Best Spine Surgeon

Tips to Find the Best Spine Surgeon

Spinal surgery is a serious medical procedure and opting to undergo this surgery is a big decision with life-changing implications. Hence, it becomes important to pay extra attention to every choice and decision made with regard to this surgery, especially when it comes to choosing your back surgery doctor. Finding a good spinal surgeon who is reliable enough to be entrusted with one of the most crucial, vital parts of your body is fundamental. Below are a few tips that may help you find the best spine surgeon:

Certification and Credentials

While choosing a back surgery doctor, you must ensure that he/she is certified by the board, is fellowship trained for conducting spinal surgeries and is a part of a prominent spinal organization such as the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA).

Referrals and Testimonials

You must always seek referrals from people who have been through a similar surgery and/or a trusted physician and make a choice based on previous patients’ experiences with the back surgery doctor. You must do in-depth research into the background of the doctor such as their qualifications, achievements and success rate. Talk to previous patients and also check reviews and testimonials available on the doctor’s website as well as other sites including Facebook and Google Plus pages to get an honest opinion about the doctor from their previous patients.

Right Expertise

Not every back surgery doctor is an expert in every spine-related condition. It is important to choose a back surgery doctor who has an experience and expertise in dealing with and treating the specific spine related issue that needs to be treated and/or operated.

Non-invasive methods

While surgical interventions may sometimes be unavoidable, it is advisable to choose a doctor who is trained and skilled at using modern, minimally invasive surgical techniques for the spine.

Consult the surgeon and trust your judgment

It is always advisable to meet and consult your prospective doctor personally before making a choice. Ultimately, you must rely on your instinct and judgment while choosing a back surgery doctor to entrust your health, so choose a doctor you are absolutely comfortable with.

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