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Top 5 Medicines for Immediate Relief from Asthma

Top 5 Medicines for Immediate Relief from Asthma

Once you are diagnosed with asthma, all you need is to figure out is an asthma management plan. There are different choices in the category of medicine, asthma patient. But the symptoms of asthma may keep changing and you need to be vigilant about it. However, effective management of the disease will help you cope with it in a better way. This article discusses five effective treatment methods for asthma patients.


This is one among the many medicines that is often prescribed for asthma patients since a long time. Albuterol can be identified as the classic medicine for asthma. It gives you better breathing immediately when you have an asthmatic attack. However, if you are someone who gets asthma symptoms often, this is not the right solution. You can carry it with you to get temporary relief from asthma anytime. But you should not make it a habit to always depend on this medicine. Instead, figure out other effective asthma management methods.

Oral steroids

Oral steroids are a category of medicines which help to bring down the inflammation in the lungs. In medicine asthma patient category, oral steroids are advised to people who have severe asthmatic symptoms. It comes with certain side effects and therefore not advised to be taken frequently. However, at worst instances of an asthma attack, oral steroids are the best bet.


It has been widely used by asthma patients to open the airway passages. You can find bronchodilators for quick relief as well as for long-term relief from breathing difficulties. Many asthmatics use oral bronchodilators and are able to manage asthma effectively.


This is a recently introduced medicine, asthma patients. The medicine is injected into the body which will help in avoiding the symptoms even when you are exposed to circumstances that trigger asthma. It is advised when other medicines do not give you much relief.


This group of medicines is available in inhalers now. While you inhale corticosteroids through your mouth, it reduces the inflammation in the airways and thereby provides you relief from breathing difficulties.

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