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A List of Top Institutes in Cancer Research and Their Findings

A List of Top Institutes in Cancer Research and Their Findings

Cancer is a dangerous medical condition, and in its advanced stages, is one of the most challenging conditions to treat. Only a few respected institutes have the required experience regarding cancer treatment. Some of the institutes have expert doctors who research and perform cancer clinical trials. A clinical trial is a method or process by which the doctors study and find new ways to treat cancer. It helps in improving existing treatment methods as well, which allows cancer patients to live a quality life after the condition is treated. Clinical trials allow medical professionals to ensure safer treatment methods, which results in quicker recoveries for patients, along with long lives.

There are several hospitals and institutes which perform these cancer clinical trials, and some of the best institutes are listed below.

  • Hospital of the University of PA-Abramson Cancer Centre

Located in Philadelphia, USA, it is one of the top-rated institutes in the country and around the world. The institute has one of the most important clinical trial programs associated with it, and along with that, it has doctors who perform surgeries for nearly all types of cancers. In fact, the only lung cancer treatment was first established by the doctors of this institute.

  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Located in the hustle and bustle of Buffalo, New York, USA, it is popular for being one of the most advanced and high tech cancer treatment institutes. It holds the record of having a large and knowledgeable team of experts who perform surgeries from awake craniotomies to advanced endoscopies.

  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Located in Baltimore, USA, this hospital has been popular for performing genetic cancer clinical trials for decades, and it has a high rate of positive and successful treatments. The Johns Hopkins Hospital is popular for discovering cancer as a genetic disease. It is a high tech hospital as it performs robot-assisted surgeries.

  • University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Care Centre

Located in Houston, Texas, it is known for housing a wide variety of specialized treatments for cancer. Its cancer clinical trials focus on everything from nanomedicine to neuroimmunology.

There are other such hospitals which have a great history of improving and discovering cancer treatments in the US and other countries, but as far as clinical trial excellence is concerned, these are the ones that truly stand out!

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