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What Are the Options for Treating Constipation

What Are the Options for Treating Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common issues among the Americans. At an average, 23% of Americans face the problem of irregular bowel movements. When an individual passes bowel only twice or thrice a week, then that is considered to be a case of constipation. While constipation is caused due to bad eating habits or stress, it might be a symptom of an underlying disease as well. The treatment of constipation can be quite simple, but Linzess constipation is one of the most effective methods of treating such a medical condition.

Types of treatment methods available

Some of the best methods of treating constipation are:

  • Home remedies

The easiest way to manage constipation is through natural home remedies. Drinking coffee, herbal tea, and similar hot beverages help stimulate the colon and clear the bowel. Another effective home remedy includes mixing a warm glass of water with one spoon of lime juice and drinking the mixture. A diet rich in fiber, vegetables, and fruits is also highly recommended.

  • Linzess constipation

One can opt for Linzess constipation treatment if the home remedies mentioned above fail to work. The method of treatment involves the intake of laxatives to initiate a bowel movement in the body forcefully. It is advised to not self-prescribe these drugs and to take them only after consulting a physician. Children under 12 years of age should not use the Linzess constipation method of treatment as it can leave a negative impact on their sensitive body. Another thing to be kept in mind while undertaking Linzess constipation treatment is that it should be opted for only if the patient is suffering from constipation for a year or more. Such long-lasting constipation can make one extremely uncomfortable. Also, Linzess constipation drugs are considered the last resort and are recommended only when all other methods of treatment have failed.

People tend to ignore such small problems, but if constipation lasts for an unusually long period, then one should immediately consult a doctor to find out if it is due to an underlying medical condition, in which case proper treatment measures have to be adopted.

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