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Best Treatment Options for Osteoporosis

Best Treatment Options for Osteoporosis

Our bones undergo breaking down and regenerating which is called as remodeling and this occurs throughout our life. This change happens mostly in women and estrogen is the main player for bone remodeling. The cells here which are named as osteoclasts can dissolve bone tissues and fill the holes. If medication speeds up bone formation, then continue having the calcium-based always. The doctors suggest ladies after menopause to prevent developing osteoporosis because when there are risks of losing balance and falling there are risks of developing the disease. Treating osteoporosis is by staying active and healthy through good exercise and diet. Always speak to a general physician for preventing falls if you are already on the verge of losing balance at times.

Ways to treat osteoporosis is based on bone mineral density and the history of medical accidents. The others are your age, gender, risk of fracture and medications. Treatment of osteoporosis is increasing sufficient levels of calcium and vitamin D.

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis because you’ve had a fracture, you should still receive osteoporosis treatment to try to reduce your risk of further fractures.

You may not need or want to take medication to treat osteoporosis. However, you should ensure you’re maintaining sufficient levels of all the vital elements. To achieve this, your healthcare team will ask you about your diet and may recommend making changes or taking supplements. For women, this occurs mostly after menopause and they have to balance by taking different medications like raloxifene, Denosumab etc. Women who can’t take bisphosphate or have kidney malfunction can substitute with Denosumab. Men who have osteoporosis can be treated with teriparatide which can rebuild the bones. After continuous lab research studies say that Abaloparatide was found having better results on rebuilding the bones. The advantage of this osteoporosis medicine was that it would never cause an excess of calcium on bones. If the bisphosphate medications persist, there can be a high chance of cracking the thighbone. This happens to be a rare condition due to the excess of calcium surrounding the femur. At times the jaw bones can also fail that can in turn result to cancer of bones.

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