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Treating Your Liver After Hepatitis C

Treating Your Liver After Hepatitis C

Liver is a very vital internal organ and it bears the maximum impact from Hepatitis C. Although you have been cured of hepatitis C, you need to be extremely careful about your liver health. If proper care isn’t taken, the liver might get damaged.

Many people who are in the process of recovery experience liver damage due to various reasons. As per studies, it’s indicated that even though hepatitis c virus is cleared from the bloodstream, liver rejuvenation is necessary.

Maintaining health is not as easy as people think. Hepatitis C is labeled as the “Silent Killer” because the immense damage is caused without giving out any signs. One can reverse liver damage if there’s elimination of cause before cirrhosis i.e. permanent scarring and hardening of liver tissue.

Given below are some steps that can help in treating your liver from damage;

  • Alcohol must be avoided-Alcohol is known for its toxicity and so, it’s not at all advisable to consume alcohol. It harms the liver further and even slight amount must be avoided.
  • Acetaminophen use should be minimized-The pain medications should be limited; acetaminophen overdose is not at all good for the liver. It damages it and creates further problems.
  • All supplements and medications should be discussed with the doctor. You will need to get some drugs that will keep your liver healthy and free from harm. Natural supplements can be consumed. However, don’t take without prescription as side effects are harmful. Once the doctor has approved it, you can take. Some best ones are;
    Liver Detoxifier and regenerator
    Silymarin 2X
    Essentials Milk Thistle
    LiverCare By Himalaya
  • Healthy weight needs to be maintained-Always keep exercising and dieting. When you are overweight, fat builds up and causes insulin resistance. Due to obesity, the liver gets damaged; when regular exercise is done or when healthy foods are eaten, the liver stays in a good condition always.
  • Coffee is good-It’s good to drink coffee; when you drink around 2-3 cups daily, the risk of progression of liver disease is reduced by 50 percent.
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