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Treatments for Type nn2 Diabetes

Treatments for Type nn2 Diabetes

The condition of diabetes is known to increase the blood sugar levels or glucose levels in the body. The increase in the blood glucose levels happens due to the body’s inability to either make or use the insulin present in the body. Insulin helps the body utilize the consumed sugar. When insulin malfunctions, abnormal glucose levels are observed. The medications and treatments of type nn2 diabetes focus on bringing the glucose levels back to normal. Here are some of the type nn2 diabetes treatment options that can bring the glucose levels back to normal:

  • Healthy eating: Although it is not necessary to be extremely hard on yourself, you should make sure that your diet is mostly composed of low fat and high fiber foods. Increase the quantity of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Animal products, sweets and refined carbohydrates will have to be significantly reduced.

The measurement for a food substance that tells you of the rapidity with which it causes a blood glucose rise in the body is known as glycemic index. High glycemic index indicates that the food object consumed will raise the blood glucose levels rapidly. Hence, it is important that you understand and choose the food with low glycemic index in order to avoid the sudden surge of blood glucose levels. Foods with low glycemic index are usually also high in fiber.

Consulting a dietician and planning a diet that fits you and your conditions perfectly can help in improving the condition a lot.

  • Weight control: If you are overweight or obese, i.e. if your BMI is 30 or above 30, it is important for you to choose to reduce weight by inculcating a calorie deficit in your diet and have continuous physical exercise. You can set a target of losing 5-10% of your body weight, over a period of one year. Maintaining a normal and healthy body weight is capable of avoiding quite a few health problems and hence should be focused on.
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