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Understanding Arthritis and Its Common Causes

Understanding Arthritis and Its Common Causes

The common misconception about arthritis has led people to believe to believe that this purely an aged person’s ailment and has nothing to do with the younger and healthier generation. Research studies have shown that more than about 50 million people, specifically adults, have been diagnosed with arthritis by doctors and this translates into the fact that almost 1 in 5 people above 18 years of age are prone to arthritis.

The very term “arthritis” relates to about 200 conditions and thematic diseases that affect primarily the joints. These rheumatic conditions are commonly associated with symptoms such as aching, pain, swelling and stiffness around the joints, and these symptoms can develop gradually and increase with age in some cases as well as develop suddenly in some others. In some individuals, these rheumatic conditions can also spread to their immune systems and the internal organs of the body. For example, in patients with lupus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis, these symptoms of arthritis can affect multiple organs and cause a wide spread of other symptoms in the body.

Arthritis is not caused by a single factor but is an amalgamation of various factors and each varies from individual to individual depending on the type of arthritis diagnosed in the individual. Most common factors that have noted to lead to arthritis include abnormal metabolism, infections, injury, inheritance, and immune system dysfunction. In most common cases of arthritis, it has been noted that a combination of multiple factors has been the reason behind the scene whereas in some there is absolutely zero explanation for the diagnosis. While some individuals may be naturally susceptible to particular types of arthritis given their genetic coding, factors such as a previous injury, smoking, infection, etc can increase the risk in the same individual by manyfold. Although food has been viewed as a helpful factor to sustain the arthritic surge, there are specific foods whose sensitivities or intolerances in an individual that can also cause arthritis. In particular, eating animal-derived foods, diets rich with refined sugar, diets which provoke the immune system, etc, have been recorded as food that can increase inflammation as well as worsen the arthritis symptoms.

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