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Guide on Bausch Lomb Soflens 66 Toric Contact Lenses

Guide on Bausch Lomb Soflens 66 Toric Contact Lenses

In order to maintain your quality of life, you should necessarily take care of your eyesight. And never take your eyes for granted. The eye disorders usually occur as a pattern of swelling in the eye. This may even result in a form of accumulation of hyaline bodies behind the retina. It may even damage the optic nerves present in the eye that impact vision.

Bausch Lomb Soflens 66 Toric Contact Lenses

Soflens Toric Bausch & Lomb contact lenses are perfect for astigmatic eyeglass wearers. Its featured with advanced correct astigmatism which enhances sharp vision that event refocuses the light. Bausch Lomb Soflens 66 Toric has the unique design to take the advantage of the convenience of the contact lenses. It is ideal for current soft toric lens wearers along with spherical masked astigmatic patients with clarity.


Bausch Lomb Soflens 66 Toric is the right choice to correct astigmatism. Take care even and hence the contrast of the retinal image which can reduce the aberration of the spheres. Above all, it is one of the best choices for the first time contact wearers who have astigmatism. With Bausch Lomb Soflens 66 Toric contact lenses will give an advantage over other glasses and a few of the advantages are mentioned below,

  • They have a unique design which is convenient to wear
  • Apart from providing crisp clear vision, it also ensures comfort to the users
  • Featured with advanced optics that gives sharp and refocuses light
  • It is even easy to visualize tint for easy handling
  • Easy to replace every two weeks with durability

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