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What Constitutes A Dental Emergency And How To React In Such Situations

What Constitutes A Dental Emergency And How To React In Such Situations

Dental emergencies are quite common for both young and old people. However, many may not be aware of what a dental emergency is. Any extraordinary situation dealing with teeth, gums or your mouth is a dental emergency. It can occur when any tooth or set of teeth is damaged, hurt or broken, or when your gums are hurting exceptionally that it needs care from an expert thus making it a dental emergency.

What to do in case of a dental emergency?

If a dental emergency occurs during regular office hours, it is highly recommended to contact your regular dentist as soon as possible and get the right treatment to prevent severe dental issues. If such an emergency occurs at odd or non-office hours, then you can find the nearest emergency dental care or visit the ER for immediate treatment. The emergency dental care in Northeast Portland is one of the best examples of quality dental services that is sure to provide relief from whatever dental condition you are suffering from.

Some necessary measures you can adopt in case of such emergencies:

  • If you have a half-broken tooth or a chipped one, then keep the broken part of the tooth in a glass of milk to prevent decay till you meet your dentist. If you have lost the broken part, then rinse with warm water to reduce the pain in your mouth.
  • If your gums are paining more than usual, try rinsing your mouth with warm water and a bit of salt. Do not take aspirin as it will make the gums sore.
  • If you have ulcers in your mouth that have become unbearable, then try rinsing with saline water and avoid brushing till you meet your dentist.
  • If any part of your mouth is bleeding excessively, try putting ice in your mouth to make that area numb and to stop the bleeding till you get to the emergency room. Using an ice pack or frozen food items on the cheeks can also reduce pain in such cases.

A dental emergency can lead to complications, and hence, in such situations, you may look online for “emergency dental care near me” to find the closest help available in such a situation and act fast.

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