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What to Expect After Hepatitis C Treatment

What to Expect After Hepatitis C Treatment

An infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus is known as hepatitis C disease. Many people suffering from it show no symptoms initially, but jaundice, stomach pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue are its telltale signs. There were times when this condition used to be highly misinterpreted, but then a wide assortment of informational resources worked wonders to shed off the myths related to hepatitis C.

Additionally, for long, people had a common question in mind, “where can I get hepatitis C treatment?”. Then came the phase when hepatitis C treatment options emerged in the form of painful shots of a medicine called interferon and a pill called ribavirin. These drugs used to amp up the sufferer’s immune system, but after hepatitis c treatment, patients used to suffer from various side-effects.

Due to medical advancements, today there are new hep C treatments that have about a 70% cure rate. Unlike the traditional treatment for hepatitis C, these new-age treatments target hepatitis virus cells directly and have excellent results. To make new treatments for hepatitis C as rewarding as they can get, doctors go overboard for finding the right combination of medications for treating the virus and minimize side effects.

After the hepatitis C treatment, some people think they are done dealing with the condition. However, this is not true. Even after your last treatment, your body will still need time to heal. Depending on the severity of the condition, some people start feeling better just after two weeks of stopping medication while others change their medication and count on an additional treatment plan for healing their damaged liver. Some people desire to get back to their normal routine right from the next day of their treatment ends. However, giving your body some time to heal and recover is highly recommended after a hepatitis C treatment.

After using Hepatitis C medications, women of childbearing age must use birth control pills for a minimum of six months. It is only when a doctor ascertains that all the anti-viral medication and all medication to combat the side effects have entirely flushed out of the body that women can go ahead with family planning.

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